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Switzerland’s largest bank has been a BBF client since the early eighties. We’ve accompanied the financial institution throughout the decades, helping UBS transform from all things print to the digital world. As their creative partner in messaging and design, we’ve researched and written content, we’ve created visual design for corporate messaging and most recently, we’ve developed a sophisticated event management platform.

The Virtual Concierge

BBF developed and implemented a tailored-made platform and app for UBS to organize events. In the back end, it’s a project management tracker for internal organizers to plan and chart every aspect for the event from inviting speakers to organizing food and drink. On the front-end facing, it’s an event website. With over eighty events a year, this technology has gone a long way in simplifying logistics.

Journalistic & Visual Rigour

Optimus was UBS’ wealth management magazine for private wealth clients, published  in three languages. BBF was responsible for all editorial and visual direction. One of BBF’s ex-journalists acted as editor, overseeing all editorial, as well as assigning well-known authors to cover relevant and engaging stories. BBF’s Visual director coordinated photographers around the world, who provided truly memorable imagery for the magazine. BBF designers created a new, modular design layout that dramatically sped up production timelines.

Tailored Concepts

Back in the eighties, our client was the Swiss Bank Corporation, one of the precursor’s banks of today’s UBS. Following their merger with UBS, BBF was asked to create a culturally relevant and engaging new magazine for the upcoming generation of investors. The raison d’être of the magazine was to introduce young investors to the newly formed bank. BBF took the leap of revolutionizing the cumbersome publishing process and digitized the magazine on one of the first available MAC computers. We were the first creative creative agency in Switzerland to produce digital magazines.

Digital Publishing

As BBF was founded in 1983, our client was still the Swiss Bank Corporation in Basel, one of the precursor banks of today's UBS. In 1987 BBF was the first Swiss agency to produce a magazine via desktop. That means not only the layout or the films, but the entire image processing became digital.

High End Content

We also count on decades of expertise in the financial industry with other clients. For Kaiser Partners in Vaduz, BBF created the bilingual high-end publication «Responsible Wealth Review» as well as high-end text and video content for the Kaiser Partner home page.

Three Nobel Prize winners in a publication exclusive for customers of KaiserPartner. Through our unique network, we bring personalities and their stories together with our clients.

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