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Since the eighties, we’ve integrated ourselves within dozens of teams at Hoffman-La Roche. We support the Global Diagnostics and the Pharmaceutical company with messaging and visual design for various departments and drugs. As a longstanding Roche preferred partner, we’ve created messaging and visual design for sales tools, power point presentations and websites, as well as live events and booth stands.

Augmented Interfaces

Using the latest cloud tools, we support Roche’s Pharma sales teams with connected content solutions for their global events. These solutions help them make the most of their conversations with physicians. We’ve designed cloud-based solutions that seamlessly integrate with Roche security environments and platforms. The beauty of these solutions is their simplicity.  All content is available offline, which is helpful for our clients who are working from congress centres with sketchy WIFI connections. From the back end, we synchronize and continually update their content, regardless of their location or WIFI. connection.

Brand Compliance

BBF has created campaigns for the Avastin brand beginning in 2006. With the Avastin ovarian cancer launch, we wanted to create a sense of anticipation and excitement for this long-awaited therapy. Our messaging positioned Avastin as metaphorically “puncturing“ a static treatment landscape that, to date, had offered no real treatment options for ovarian cancer patients in more than two decades. This pioneering therapy would chart a new course in the fight against ovarian cancer and create a fundamental shift – a shift in the way ovarian cancer would be treated, a shift in outcome for patients, and a shift in a woman’s perspective.

The Shift: Making an impact

Welcome – Introduction to AVASTIN OC launch


During the HIV crisis of the nineties, one of Roche’s challenges was ensuring their affiliates were equipped to communicate consistently. Our agency worked closely with Roche to develop a unified brand story and visuals for four different HIV medicines bundled under one product. With this project, we took our client into new creative territory, providing flexible, modular visuals that could be adapted to fit with a region’s compliance requirements. This was one of the Roche’s first consistent, corporate-wide brand roll-out. We still feel a surge of excitement at that accomplishment.



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