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Throughout the last four decades, BBF has worked with municipalities, cantons and the federal government, supporting our clients through the complexity of communicating in public sphere. We implement strategic tactics for a range of democratic stakeholders –authorities, politicians and voters. We’re proud that BBF’s tailor-made communication products have created a lasting impact in public sphere initiatives.

Brand «Rosengarten»

With its new tram line and tunnel to central Zurich, this billion-dollar project’s goal is to optimize private and public transport while revitalizing neighbourhood life in densely populated urban areas.On behalf of the city and canton of Zurich, BBF created the brand "Rosengarten", produced maps, 3D visualizations and web material compatible with the city's CI.

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Biggest traffic in a densely populated urban area.


Community Programs

Since 2008, the federal government has been supporting towns and communities with the Community Transport Program (Agglomerationsprogramme) to improve traffic-flow. BBF supported the canton of Zurich with creative documents collateral to supports their application to the federal government.

30 Years in the Making

After the devastating Thur flood of 1970 and following several years of debates and ballots, political and public goodwill come together in the canton of Zurich to create an ambitious flood projection plan, known as “Thur’s Flood Protection and Meadow Landscape”.In the early eights, BBF provided marketing and communication tools on behalf of the Canton of Zurich: logos, flyers, presentations, information boards. BBF created a unifying concept that contributed to project’s long-standing importance in the public mind throughout the decades. Thirty years following its inception, the project was completed in 2017.

Digital Professional Applications

BBF works closely with project managers and IT teams to develop and network professional applications. Highly secure login, Finma-certified data security, data protection, all devices, full responsive, intuitive interface, WCAG standards and long-term support for operations are key issues. With our experienced interaction designers, software developers and project managers supported by state-of-the-art CRM systems, BBF ensures successful project execution and ongoing operation.

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