BBF uses the latest generation of digital, high-performance data exchange systems. We’ve simplified the process for our clients so they update the platform at their convenience.


With "intelligent content" the editors create the content once, and then publish it on any channels and formats without limitation. Changes update automatically across all platforms within milliseconds, regardless of the channel. BBF implements these solutions worldwide with maximum data protection.

Sender and Message

The content is provided with the appropriate tagging for the correct channel in a suitable format.


With one click, the article can be sent to all publication channels via the digital platform. The other connected partners can then publish the article on their own channels.


The message now appears as news on Facebook, the news channel from public transport, on monitor steles, websites, as a feed on the app, and thus quickly reaches all notified users.

Connect everyone with everything

BBF experts manage all communication with the latest generation of digital high-performance systems. Our clients benefit from our unique services and solutions, as well as their outstanding speed – a clear business advantage.

Scale up yur business

Be faster in all of your

Manage hundreds
of domains and editors

Share across platforms instantly

Optimize the costs. Invest in what really matters

Bring all your management systems together

Create smart content and spread it globally

Access the highest level of Swiss security



Scope of activities

Corporate messaging development and management

High quality design and content

Online and offline media management



Brand development and management

Visual and technical implementation of brand, publishing and live media

Multilingual content production

Film, photo and 3D production

Interface and user experience design

Big data management

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