Kanton Zürich 1985 – Today

Long-lasting effect

Since the 1980s, BBF has worked for municipalities, cantons and the federal government for the public sector, which involves complex tasks in the public and direct democratic environment. There are different target groups to address: authorities, politics, voters. This requires the precision of a watchmaker in using tailor-made communication products, able to create lasting effects in the long-term nature of the projects.

Brand «Rosengarten»

The "Rosengartentram & Rosengartentunnel" project's goal is to optimize private transport, public transport and neighborhood life in densely populated urban areas, by creating a tunnel and a new tram line in a central area of Zurich. It is a billion dollar project. On behalf of the city and canton of Zurich, BBF created the brand "Rosengarten", compatible with the city's CI, and produced maps, 3D visualizations and web material about the project.

Watch me!

Biggest traffic in a densely populated urban area.


Community programs

Since 2008, the federal government has been supporting towns and communities in the context of the Communiy Transport Program (Agglomerationsprogramme) in order to carry out meaningful projects, able to adapt and improve the growing traffic. BBF supported the canton of Zurich on the creation of informative documents, in order to obtain co-financing from the federal government.

30 years to successful accomplishment

«Thur's flood protection and meadow landscape» («Hochwasserschutz und Auenlandschaft Thurmündung») – that was the name of one of the largest flood protection projects of the canton Zurich, which had to be pushed in the late 1970s after a devastating Thur flood. Political and public acceptance had to come together, which took several years of efforts, debates  and ballots.

At the beginning of the 1980s, BBF provided the necessary marketing and communication tools on behalf of the Canton of Zurich: logos, flyers, presentations, information boards. A coherent concept, which represented a small contribution to the fact that the restoration of the Thur in 2017 was successfully finished.

Digital professional applications

In close cooperation with the project managers and IT teams, professional applications are developed, expanded and networked. Highly secure login, Finma-certified data security, data protection, all devices, full responsive, intuitive interface, WCAG standards and long-term support for operations are key issues. With its experienced interaction designers, software developers and project managers supported by state-of-the-art CRM systems, BBF ensures successful project execution and ongoing operation.

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